You do what?!?!

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I film childbirth. Their reactions vary from aversion to awe and fascination. I get responses like, “You do what?!?! Why would anyone want their birth filmed??” to “Wow, people do that? I wish I knew you when my kids were born.

I have my reasons for why I think the birth of a child is an amazing thing to document, but parents explain it best. They even surprise me with some of the things they say. You can watch two client testimonials on my website (Alice & Max, and Sara & Doug), and if you were a skeptic at first, they just might change your mind.

I’m waiting for the day that “Are you having your birth filmed?” or better yet “So who’s filming your birth?” will become routine questions. It’s a matter of time, but for now, I’m proud to be a leader in this niche of a field.



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