‘Top 10 Tips’ on Filming Childbirth


When I started filming childbirth, I was a lone wolf and there were no childbirth videographers out there. A few years in, there may have been a handful in the country, maybe even the world. I’m really not sure. I’m excited to say that with time things have changed, and nowadays a childbirth filmmaker or photographer is a legit career. 

*I made this video many years ago, so it might be a bit dated, but the basic tips still stand.

Since I can’t be everywhere, and not everyone can hire a professional, I created a Top 10 Tips on Filming Childbirth vlog.

Disclaimer – this vlog was filmed using my cinema screen built-in camera, not the video camera I use to film childbirth.

If you’re going to do it ‘yourselves,’ these very simple and basic tips could make a HUGE difference to the outcome.

I hope you find this helpful.

Happy 4th of July!

With love, smiles & fireworks to brighten your world,


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