The World Is Our Oyster

I signed up for Google Analytics as soon as I went live with my new website, and I’m fascinated by the information it provides. This is a terrific tool for anyone who has a website, especially businesses, and it’s free!

I see where my site is viewed (country as well as the city), how it is found, what key/tag words are used to find me, and more.

To date, I’ve been viewed in 41 countries. Malaysia being the 2nd top viewing country after the USA!

I’d like to ‘challenge’ myself (and feel free to join in and help if you’d like), and get my site viewed at least once in every country, or as many as possible… Why? Because the World Wide Web is out there, and I want to ride it. I want to connect and reach as far as I can and spread some positive inspiration to expecting moms, couples, and childbirth professionals. And who knows, maybe someday I’ll even get to meet some of these people who somehow found my site.

So below is the list (in order of most views to least) of countries that already viewed my site, and the rest is open to exploring.

USA, Malaysia, Israel, Australia, Germany, Canada, India, Pakistan, UK, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Austria, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Iceland, Greece, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Panama, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Kuwait, Costa Rica, and Luxembourg.

It’s 11:11 am, the 2nd time I’m posting at this time…



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