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Midwifery in South Africa, back in the day…

Dear Readers,

A while ago I mentioned that I’ll get some interesting stories for you from family members who have worked (or still do), as childbirth professionals.  Here’s the 2nd one, and this time it’s by a cousin named Louise.  I found it fascinating, and hope you enjoy as well.
Thank you Louise for sharing your story and photos. Continue reading

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Breech Home Birth – She did it Her Way

In early May, Dr. Elliot Berlin approached me to film the home birth of his clients Sara and Doug.  What made their birth different was that Aurora was born “Frank” breech.   Sara and Doug wanted a home birth, and having had no success with repositioning their baby, Dr. Berlin and their midwife, Davi Khalsa, referred them to Dr. Stuart Fischbein.  This was pretty much the only option for avoiding a surgical birth. Continue reading

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