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As pretty much the only obstetrician assisting women with home birthing I have been fortunate to witness miracles and blessings frequently. Jodie, from My Birth Movie, and I have shared some fantastic birth moments and she has captured them for eternity. Her work is beautiful, artistic and edited with love. I have shown them over and over to families looking at home birth as an option and these films and memories have been invaluable to the birth family as well as prospective clients. She works silently and ninja-like around the peace, the people and the sounds of the birthing home. I highly recommend her work.

Dr. Stuart Fischbein, MD OB/GYN

Dear Jodie, I just watched your videos today… You are such a tremendous Force of Love. Your videos move me to a place of tears beyond words… To a place of Great Tenderness. Great Beauty. Great Poetry. Great LOVE!

You are not ordinary mortal…because you have captured the essence of life in your work! You are a Great Artist. Your Creations are INCREDIBLE! AMAZING! YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY & ENORMOUSLY, GIFTED!

You are doing gorgeous soul work. Your videos heal at the deepest level. Any sleeping person who sees them will awake! GREAT LOVE! GREAT GIFT! Thank you, Jodie, for the Gift of Your Being and the Gift of All Your Creations. I give thanks for the Gift that You Are!

Dr. Wendy Treynor
Happiness Expert & Teacher of Self-Love: I CAN HEAL®
Author, Speaker & Retreat Leader at ICanHeal.com

Jodie recently filmed an instructor retreat based on my book, Sacred Pregnancy, and her final product is a beautiful and powerful representation of our experience. We were also so pleased to have her with us during filming – even in a quiet, sacred time, her presence was unobtrusive, gentle and kind. She was ever-present and barely there at the same time, and more, she was an absolute pleasure to be with during our time together. I’d recommend her as a birth videographer to anyone I know who wants a sincere and artistic representation of their birth experience.

Anni Daulter
Founder of the Sacred Pregnancy Movement

Jodie’s work is art. Her filming is sensitive and all encompassing. She films with the eyes of the entire family and the new soul coming in. Her colors, music and sounds tell the story that you will watch over and over and share with your children.

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa
Golden Bridge

After working with Jodie Myers for over 10 years I am still in awe at the amazing birth filming she does for couples. She creates a film that parents will cherish and their child can watch themselves being born with love. It becomes not only the parents favorite film but the child’s to watch over and over.

I show Jodie’s birth films in my HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education Classes so parents can see birth portrayed in the most sacred and beautiful way it was meant to be. There is seldom a dry eye in class as the parents watch the beauty and miracle of life Jodie captures. 

Alisha Tamburri
HypnoBirthin® Instructor, Hypnotherapist, Hypnofertility®
Clear Mind HypnoTherapy

I recently had the pleasure to work with Jodie on a special project to promote the doula’s role in Maternity care. Her footage of birthing families took center stage and gave life to the narrative. She has a way of capturing birth in a sensual and inviting way. I have worked with Jodie on other projects and found her to be very professional, intuitive with her approach to filming and creative in her process. I am very grateful for her cinematic contribution to the birthing community.

Yana Katzap-Nackman
President, Head First Doula Services, Inc.

Jodie is able to capture so artfully what words can never accomplish. Often, after the moment of birth is over, the memory of the journey is replaced with the abundance of the present. Having this vision of the experience truly validates the effort it takes to arrive, while connecting the new child to his/her own first moments in this world. It is truly a gift that will last a lifetime. Jodie is extremely talented and her energy is a delight to share such sacred space with.

Aleksandra Evanguelidi
Clinical Director for Midwifery Services, The Sanctuary

Jodie not only brings her amazing professional skills as a filmmaker to a birth, but she also brings her beautiful presence, keeping the family space sacred and peaceful…

Jodie, it was amazing to see your new births. I am so impressed by your work, and how sensitive you are to the whole process. This is amazing footage that needs to be seen by all women.

Ana Paula Markel
ICCE, CD(DONA), Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Doula
Owner, BiniBirth

Jodie is an amazing videographer. Her work captures the breathtaking beauty of birth in a way that creates images that touch, move and inspire viewers. When she has attended births with me she was a calm, non-invasive presence that allowed the intimacy between the couple to naturally emerge. I highly recommend Jodie as a video artist for any couple wanting to capture the most precious moments of their baby’s birth.

Connie Rock
Licensed Midwife
Owner & Clinical Director, California Water Birth

I met Jodie, at a doula gathering over a year ago.  From the moment I met Jodie, I knew there was something extra special in her work and who she is as a passionate individual. Throughout the past year, I have watched many of Jodie’s birth productions and was recently a doula at a birth that she was filming… Jodie’s energy was calming to all of us birth attendants as well as to the birthing family. In addition the moments that Jodie captures are priceless. I wish I knew about Jodie when I had my own 3 children. The moments of birth are so precious and the combination of the creative and detailed eye that Jodie has is very unique which is what makes her movies one of a kind production and lasting memory for the whole family.

Tania Jedian
Living My Best Healing & Wellness

I have been showing one of Jodie’s birth movies during my presentation of The Sensuality of Birth, in Mexico City, Florida and at the CAPPA conference in Anaheim. The audience of Childbirth Educators, Doulas, Labor Nurses, Midwives, and Physicians gave her movie rousing applause… what a beautiful movie she made.  It depicted more beautifully than I could ever in words describe how very sensuous birth is. I truly appreciated showing her beautiful birth, and the professional audience likewise showed their warm reactions. WHAT JOY!!!

Pamela Shrock PhD

I was really impressed with your quiet reverence at the birth. You were supportive and definitely a part of the birth, but never seemed intrusive. I wish you all the best and hope that you experience many more birthings!!

Katie Wise
Birth Doula
Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor

I saw your birth movie, Shirel’s Birth, at the CAPPA Conference. I was so drawn-in by this video. I agree with Pamela, it captures the sensuality of birth to a tee. I truly believe that your birth movies would be such a freeing influence to many women and their husbands. You have done such a beautiful job. Congratulations!

Alina Hamrick
Midwife, CPM, LM

I just think it’s one of the most beautiful labor and births I’ve ever seen. I’d love to use it for my own inspiration to be free to move, sway, dance, and birth however I need to! Thank you so much!

Emy Porter
L.M.T., ICD, Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Doula

Your birth movie WAS AWESOME!!!!!! It shows all the beauty of birthing, and that is so hard for me to show my students with many of the birth videos. Yours is WAY up there.

Mireille Halley
Childbirth Educator

Jodie filmed the birth of one of my clients.  Most of the birth we didn’t even know she was there filming. She was quiet and unobtrusive. The birth movie came out so beautiful; an amazing remembrance of the entire experience, and Jodie’s choice of music was perfect. I wish I had her with me for the birth of my children. Jodie is an amazing filmmaker, and I highly recommend her if you are considering having your birth filmed.

Sharon Love
C.D., L.C.C.E.

Thank you for your beautiful birthing tapes, I showed one to my class last week, and they were amazed and commented on the beauty of your work.

Caitlin Philips
M.A., C.Ht., Hypno-Birth Educator, Hypno-Doula, Cert. Midwife Assistant

Jodie’s sensitivity to the subtle moments of a birth, combined with her respectful awareness of the birthing couples needs, creates a beautiful and intimate window into the experience of birth.

Jennifer Dudley
Childbirth Educator

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