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Alice & Max (2011)

Sara & Doug (2011)

I was fortunate enough to win the opportunity to have the home birth of our 6th child filmed by Jodie. She was ultra professional and encouraging and extremely patient as we waited for our son to make his arrival (on Christmas day, no less!). I was a little nervous at first to have such an intimate time filmed, and to have someone with whom I was fairly unfamiliar with at the birth, but when the time came, Jodie was incredibly respectful of my labor and much needed personal space – and the end product was so worth it! Our Reed’s birthday was lovingly and artistically portrayed and we are thrilled to have such a monumental occasion forever recorded.

Becky (2014)

Jodie had created the most amazing, touching video for our baby. We both had tears in our eyes when we first saw it. We totally recommend to all you parents to have this fabulous souvenir of your family… Thanks Jodie!

Lizi & Amnon (2014)

The video was so sweet! So many adorable moments and it will be an unforgettable keepsake – a present for mother’s day for all of those involved! Thanks again for everything and a beautiful product.

Tatyana (2013)

Jodie, Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful first moments of Providencia. Through your art, we can relive those moments over and over again to never be forgotten. We will forever cherish your work and are so thankful to have met you! 

Peter & Tiffany (2013)

Jodie filmed my daughter’s birth, and this has been a great experience! A lot of people spend a lot of money for their wedding, which is great because it’s a very important moment in our life, but what about the birth of our children? I really wanted my daughter to be able to watch her birth one day and that’s why my husband and I contacted Jodie. From the beginning, she’s been very reliable, great communication skills, available for all our requests and questions. 

During labor, she was very discrete, and nobody even noticed her! Which is a good thing while you’re going through this very private moment in your life! 

After the birth, we’ve been in contact for every details about the movie. And we loved it!
I show it to some pregnant friends, and women who had a bad experience during the delivery. It’s a blessing to have this movie, and I’m so happy that my daughter will have the opportunity to watch it and knows that her body is made to give birth naturally and beautifully!

Jodie is not only a great professional in her area, but a fantastic person that I love talking with and hang out with. I definitely want to hire her again if I have a second baby! And I highly recommend her!

Sophie (2012)

am so happy that you were able to document my birth. Every time I watch my birth movie it makes me cry.  Jodie captured not only the pain of labor and the joy of birth but also all the love in the room. I think that’s what overwhelms me with emotion every time I see it. I can see how supportive everyone in the room was – which no doubt contributed to a fast labor and delivery. I can remember those precious first moments – the first time we held our baby and the first time he nursed. Our baby loves watching his birth movie too. Jodie is awesome to work with. It didn’t feel like there was a stranger in the room but rather a presence that was there to document what was going on in the most beautiful way possible and be part of my support group… In fact, Jodie was the only one in the room that had ever attended a birth before my midwife arrived. We were so lucky to have her. If not for her telling me to call my midwife again, my midwife may have missed the birth, altogether… Or I might have been in labor much longer scared to push before the midwife gave the ok. I plan to have Jodie at my next birth too. 😉

Mary (2011)

Jodie filmed our daughter’s birth at home and we are so happy to have worked with her. She was actually the first person to arrive at our house after I went into labor and it was great to have someone there who knows a lot about labor. She has since become a trained doula and her expertise was definitely appreciated that day. She was both a calming presence and a silent observer, staying out of the way when necessary and lending a hand when needed. The footage she shot is amazing and we treasure it beyond belief. The film she edited for us is an absolute masterpiece. Thanks Jodie!

Sara (2011)

It was sheer excitement to share My Family Time Movie with our family and friends at our daughter’s birthday party!  It was such a huge hit! Jodie captured beautifully our family in one shot altogether!! Finally! I realized just how much I’d missed seeing the three of us sharing those intimate, funny and special moments… The music was just perfect and so inspiring and sweet. The best part is I can share it immediately with all the family. Thank you Jodie for giving us an amazing treasure for life. You are amazing!!!  

Sarah Ripard, Creator & Host, Being Mom with Sarah Ripard (2011)

I am so grateful to have had Jodie at my birth! I never felt a camera on me or in the way; it felt like a friend watching over me. Jodie has great talent and true understanding of a birthing mother. She embraces the experience as if it was her own and captures the moments without taking anything away from it being so special. Through her art, the mother and child can enjoy this miracle time and time again.

Lia (2010)

It was truly a blessing to have Jodie film the birth of our delicious daughter Anastasia. Jodie’s deep passion, compassion, empathy for both baby and parents is unparalleled. Jodie’s sensitivity and love for this most precious time, made it an honor for us to have her document this treasured moment in our lives. Every time we watch our daughter’s Birth-Day we are filled with deep deep joy and so humbled how Jodie captured the unique, exquisite beauty of our sacred birth with such gracious sensitivity. Jodie has a great gift, which I wish can be experienced by all parents preparing to birth their sweet babes into this world…

Sarah & Kaspian (2009)

We were very lucky to find Jodie. She has a very comfortable and warm presence. We met her a few weeks before our due date and getting to know her one another made the experience of having her with us very pleasant. Labor was the most amazing and intense experience of my life. Jodie knew when to film and when to stop, she kept a positive attitude and even assisted my doula. Her priority was to keep me comfortable and she was always courteous with the hospital staff. I labored for 25 hours and Jodie stayed with us during the whole experience! Jodie played an important role in capturing the most significant moments of the birth of our little princess. It was exactly what we had hoped for. Thank you, Jodie!

Ilya & Orna (2007)

We were so grateful to have Jodie’s gentle, supportive presence at the birth of our son, Henry. It was honestly like having another doula in the room. She was so positive, respectful, and encouraging; all the while, doing a beautiful job of capturing one of our family’s most precious memories.

Daniel & Brandi (2007)

From the moment I first watched Jodie’s birth movies, I knew I wanted to have our memories of this once-in-a-lifetime experience kept so beautifully. I had to convince my husband to agree, but now when our family watches Aiden’s birth together, my husband is thrilled that Jodie filmed it.

I have to give my wife credit for this great idea. At first I was a little skeptical. For me, the birth was supposed to be intimate, but having Jodie with us did not disturb our intimacy. Her filming has allowed me to share the birth with my wife and our close family. Now I can objectively see what a beautiful moment that was.

Catherine & Modeste (2006)

Thank you Jodie for giving us the amazing visual memory of Ellah’s birth. It is a beautiful reflection of a most special moment for us. Your professionalism and caring were much appreciated!

Yaelle & Dedi (2006)

Thank YOU for being with us and filming Taya’s arrival. It was an absolute pleasure having you there.

Tommy (2006)

Even though the doctor was skeptical about having an extra person in the busy delivery room, your inconspicuous, professional manner was never questioned. We were so moved and happy when watching the birth movie. The music and overall feel was perfect! Thanks to you we can relive one of the most miraculous days of our lives – the birth of our son.

Sharon (2005)

You managed to capture the subtle nuances of movement and feelings, while being as unobtrusive as the candles and music that created the atmosphere in our home… You truly captured the essence of Shirel’s birth beautifully.

Ronit (2004)

One of your biggest gifts was your sensitivity and invisibility. Even though you were so present, it felt like we were alone… you captured such great moments, and edited the video with such love.

Maya (2001)

Matt and I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing your work is… absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing it with us.


When I found out I was pregnant, I assumed I would have my baby in a hospital the way everyone I know has done it. My husband only felt comfortable doing it that way as well… When I watched your birth videos, I was deeply moved and knew instantly that the home birth environment was exactly the experience I wanted to have. All it took was watching your videos for my husband to change his mind instantly as well… Having made that choice has been transformational to our lives, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring us!


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