Google really does bring people together

The internet never ceases to amaze me.

While sipping on my morning coffee today, I checked out the Google Analytics for my website: It is interesting to see how people find me; whether through a referring site, direct traffic, or search engines.

Today, my Traffic Sources Overview pie chart showed that 42% of visitors came from referring sites. When I looked deeper, I found that nearly half of them came through (WOW!). So of course, curious me, had to get to the bottom of this and see how I got there. What I found was that an author who goes by NFH posted this:

I just found recently this old clip Natural Childbirth (Jodie Myers ~ Childbirth Filmmaker) and followed the MyBirthMovie link, and WOW, neat blog and great birth videos, WOW…  looking forwards to see the other births, and waiting for more and more amazing new releases.

NFH, whomever you are, THANK YOU for your support, for appreciating my work, and for sharing with others. (135 new visits!)

Like one of my clients said in her testimonial: Google really does bring people together.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed weekend,

Jodie Myers

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