Breech Home Birth – She did it Her Way

In early May, Dr. Elliot Berlin approached me to film the home birth of his clients, Sara and Doug. What made their birth different was that their baby, A, was born “Frank” breech. Sara and Doug wanted a home birth, and having had no success with repositioning their baby, Dr. Berlin and their midwife, Davi Khalsa, referred them to Dr. Stuart Fischbein. This was pretty much the only option for avoiding a surgical birth.

I’ve never witnessed a breech birth and had no idea what to expect. I’d attended a birth with Dr. Fischbein in the past, and having met Sara & Doug, I trusted that it would be amazing.  AND IT WAS!

Sara has an eclectic taste in music, I learned, as we listened to some great tunes off their iTunes playlist in the background. She also bakes deliciously healthy bread that she joyfully shared. Since it was very early on a Sunday morning when they called me, I didn’t quite get to eat breakfast before I left my home. Her bread was the perfect meal. I also got to bond a bit with one of their cats (the other would never show her face) and since I was there before the rest of the birth support team, I got to capture some beautiful quiet moments between Sara and Doug.

They were calm and connected throughout. Witnessing their trust in themselves and in one another, and their love and courage was truly moving.

Sara’s attitude was fun and positive. She’d say things like “Yum yum yum yum yum….” during her surges and would giggle and smile at the end of them. Doug was her pillar of support and caressed her with endless love. Baby A slowly slid out, butt first. When she was about halfway out, first her right foot popped out, then the left, then her shoulders, and finally Dr. Fischbein tilted her up and helped her head slide out perfectly. She was placed on Sara’s chest immediately and was nursing soon after.

Beth Cannon, the midwife who assisted Dr. Fischbein, and Emilee Benner, the doula, were both supportive and present the whole time. It was a pleasure working alongside this great birth team. I’ve never had a doctor help ME at a birth, as Dr. Fischbein did. He would actually move things out of the way if they seemed to obstruct my view.  Unbelievable.  😉

Thank you Sara and Doug for letting us share A’s birth. I know that your birth journey will inspire other expecting parents and childbirth professionals.

You can see A’s birth on my website

(Go to the Videos tab, choose home births or breech & twins birth)

Best Wishes and Happy 4th of July to all,

Jodie Myers

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