Baby Z’s entrance to the world was a family affair.

Most of my clients have either seen my work at Alisha Tamburri’s Hypnobirthing© course or have found my website through another childbirth-related site, such as The Birth Sanctuary.

Then on occasion, someone simply finds me through google while searching for someone to film their birth. To me, that indicates that my unique service is slowly becoming more desired and sought after; definitely no longer taboo, and I love it!

Baby Z’s birth:

It all started with an email from Baby Z’s mom: “I came across your site via Google, and I loved the entire spirit of your approach. Your video portfolio was so moving and beautiful!”

Such comments validate (for me) that my work truly touches, moves, and inspires people.

So we met, we connected, and a month later I was on call.

Baby Z’s mom had a powerful team on her side. Not only was her husband and midwife, Sue Wolcott (and her assistant) there, but she had her own mom & dad, her two younger daughters (2 & 4), and a beautiful group of girlfriends, all supporting her throughout the journey.

At this birth, I got to work alongside Briana, of Shoots & Giggles, for the first time, who took amazing photos of the birth.

It was beautiful to watch Baby Z’s little sisters support their mom through her humming. They’d take turns placing their little palms on her knees or belly, while humming with her in perfect unison during the birth surges, like a little chorus of angels helping baby Z’s passage.

Humming with Mommy

Once in the birthing pool, Mom’s family and friends would press deeply into her palms and feet, which helped move the focus and sensation away from the birth surges. Everyone respected the sacred space.

Mom’s vocalizing came out loudly from the core of her being; a powerful and empowering sound. “When you sing it, honey, sing it out loud” her husband encouraged. She invited everyone to hum & vocalize with her. “It sounds like a fire engine,” one of her daughters remarked.

Baby Z’s head emerged while still the caul, and once fully out, he was placed skin to skin on mommy’s chest. Not knowing the sex, Mom held her newborn for nearly five minutes simply basking in the glow of the moment, bonding and falling in love. When she was ready, she asked her girls “do you want to see if it’s a boy or a girl?” her 2-year-old decided “boy!” Mommy gently moved her baby’s leg to see, and with a huge smile announced, “It is a boy!”

The oxytocin spread throughout the room, love was in the air, and baby Z was warmly welcomed into his new family & tribe.

Every birth is a unique journey, and at every birth, I learn something new about the great power and courage women encompass, about life, about love, and about myself.

Hang in there!  Life can be a little crazy! 🙂

(As Baby Z’s mom signed off her first email to me)

Thanks for reading,


Jodie Myers

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