My Family Time Movie

My Family Time Movie embodies delicate and precious family moments artfully filmed and edited with sensitivity in an authentic yet visually beautiful way. It looks more like a beautiful short film rather than a bland home video. And here’s another awesome thing – your Family Time Movie will include all of you! Your ever-changing child/ren and family dynamics, the sweet moments of love, connection, humor, and unpredictability would all be recorded. It’s also a perfect gift for a single parent who is unable to capture personal and precious family moments with their child/ren. It allows you to re-live these memories at any time without having to sit through hours of video footage. It’s perfect for sharing at birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any family occasion. Your finished Family Time Movie could be uploaded, downloaded, burned, copied, enjoyed, and shared with your family and friends worldwide. And let’s be honest, if you’re like most parents, you probably don’t have the time, equipment, software, expertise, or objectivity to produce a family movie that includes YOU.

Today ~

I find that the only videos I watch time and again are my entertaining (and short!) edited travel videos, family outings, and other fun events. Some were shot entirely on my iPhone or pocket digital camera. I mean, who has the time to sit through hours of raw footage?

When My Birth Movie clients started asking if I would return to film their growing toddlers, I realized a new creative niche, and a seed was planted in the right hemisphere of my brain.

The complaints were all too familiar:

“I’m always the one filming my spouse and kids. I’m never in the shot, so everyone thinks I’m a single mom/dad…”
“We have no video footage of the whole family together…”
“We film everything, but view nothing.”  
Or worse… 
“When I watch our family videos, I get motion sickness!”  

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, that seed blossomed into a fun and fresh new concept I call ~ My Family Time Movie. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Why My Family Time Movie? 

Does any of this sound familiar:
“I’m always the one filming my spouse and kids, so I’m never in the shot… Everyone thinks I’m a single mom/dad…”
“We have no footage of the whole family together.”
“We film everything but view nothing.”  Or worse…
“When I watch our family videos, I get motion sickness!”

That is why you want me to film your family time. I weave the moments together to a song of choice and create your personalized Family Time Movie. You can share your movie with your family, extended family, friends of the family, cousins of friends of the family, neighbors of cousins of… well… you get the picture. The possibilities are endless. There will be no more eye-rolling when you mention watching the family videos again. And let’s be honest, if you’re like most parents, you probably don’t have the time, equipment, software, expertise, or objectivity to produce a family movie that includes YOU.

How long will My Family Time Movie be? 

Approximately 3-4 minutes long.

How soon will I get it?

Delivery time is approx. 1 month from filming date, depending on my workload.

How long is the filming session? 

Approximately 3-4 hours.

Where are good locations to film?

I film locally in the Greater Los Angeles area but could travel anywhere (+expenses). Many of your family moments take place in your home. It could be dinnertime, playtime, bath time, storytime, or bedtime. It could be in your garden, a park, the beach, your favorite picnic spot, or somewhere in nature. If the location is further than 30 miles from my zip code (90068), additional fees would be added, based on distance/travel/per-diem, etc. Any location fees (parking, entry fee, etc.) are to be paid by the client.

Can My Family Time Movie be a wedding or pregnancy announcement?

Absolutely! An announcement is more effective when it’s shorter, so we would create the perfect 1-2 minute fun video revealing the great news at the end. The possibilities are endless.

Can My Family Time Movie be a family event?

My Family Time Movies are only 3-4 minutes long, so for the best result, I would stick to the nuclear family only.  With a larger group, I wouldn’t be able to give everyone the deserved screen time. That said, I could film a slightly larger group (10-15 people), but the rate would be higher and the movie longer.

Can we bring our pet/s?

YES! I love animals. We’ll just need to pick a pet-friendly location. I had many pets growing up, but sadly I only have video footage of my most recent one. Since I’m the one that films her, I’m rarely in the shot… I wish I could hire myself, seriously…

How do you choose the music?

Due to copyright laws, I only use licensed music. As I edit, I carefully select a song to create a soundtrack that fits the emotion and enhances the final movie.

Or… Have you have ever wanted a song written just for you or for someone you love?  Your life to music.  A special song that evokes all the love that you are  You could add a Custom Crafted Song by Chicago Singer/Songwriter, Vessy Mink, and bring something special to your memorable Family Time Movie. Vessy will converse with you about all the things that make up your beautiful life and what you would like your special song to convey. The end result will be a unique and inspiring song for your film and an audio recording that you can cherish and share for years to come. See rate sheet for details.

Can you make a movie from footage we already have? 

I’ve done it before, so theoretically yes, but editing is a long and tedious process, even more so when working with someone else’s footage. For My Family Time Movie, I work with one hour of raw footage. Your personal videos are likely to be more than one hour. The truth is, unless you have less than an hour of footage to work with, the cost for editing might be too high. That said, this could be decided on an individual basis.

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