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Who’s Your Doula? (My first birth as a doula)

In November 2011, I completed my DONA doula training at BiniBirth.  The training with Ana Paula was fascinating.  My mind burst with excitement about the new opportunities and ideas that were coming to mind, while my heart burst with joy and love for all the mamas who were about to embark on a journey of a lifetime.
Then in January 2012, I became a hypnobirthing© doula after taking a class with Alisha Tamburri.

As I work on obtaining my DONA Doula Certification, I feel that the new knowledge and experience I gained, greatly compliment my work as a childbirth filmmaker.  Now I can do both or either, and for the first time I will have BACKUPS for my doula work.  What a magical word that is – backup.  It’s something I’ve never had as a filmmaker, but as a doula I’ve married into a huge loving family of women.

The day I completed my doula training, at the DASC Annual Gala. Continue reading

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