Jodie Myers is a Los Angeles based filmmaker
specializing in birth, newborns & families.
She is a trained birth doula, HypnoBirthing® doula
An Essential Oils Wellness Advocate
& AromaTouch Technique certified

featured in the Los Angeles Times & Sacred Pregnancy

My Birth Movie

Imagine capturing the most precious moment of your life…
the birth of your child…
in a beautifully woven visual story.
From the early surges of birthing
to the miraculous first breath of your newborn baby…
every splendid moment would be forever recorded.
A precious gift second only to the new life you’ve created.

My First Days Movie

Your newborn will change so much and so fast
and though you want to capture their fresh moments of life,
having your birth filmed may not quite be your thing…
My First Days Movie is the perfect alternative
capturing those first moments in a visual celebration
of how their life began.

My Family Time Movie

Children grow so fast,
and before you’re ready, their childhood years fleet away.
Don’t let these precious moments fade into the past.
Bring on the laughter and giggles, be outrageous,
be silly, be tender, or just be…
Let ME capture your Family Time moments,
so that you could actually experience them.

© Jodie Myers 2011-2015 All Rights Reserved

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