My Top Essential 0ils For Travel

by Jodie Myers

When you think of travel, what comes to mind?  For most people, I’m sure essential oils are not on the radar, but I hope to change that with this blog!

Please contact me to learn more about the essential oils I use and how to use them SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY.

Are you going for a week, a month? Upscale hotel, backpacker’s hostel, camping? Beaches, big cities, nature? Airplanes, subways, tuk-tuks? Walking, hiking? Street food, gourmet eats, local cuisine… fried beetles anyone?

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I’ve done it all, well maybe not the upscale hotels or fried beetles, but they were both tempting, I must admit.

Whether it’s to visit loved ones around the world, explore new places, teach essential oil classes and support my growing team, or attend a convention – I simply love the gifts traveling offers. I love the people I encounter, the foods I taste, the markets, the festivals, the ‘where the heck am I moments’ and the nature I explore.

I finally got the ‘travel light’ concept down, but there is one thing that I won’t leave home without – my essential oils! Ok, technically, that’s more than one thing, and while I’m at it, my smart phone too. But I digress…

You see, there are certain concerns that come with travel; some might just put a dent in your day, but others could halt your magical flow…

Essential oils have come to my aid a plethora of times, as well as to the rescue of a pregnant woman sitting by me on the plane, my friend’s baby, a fellow couchsurfer, and many others.

The oils you travel with may vary based on your destination, plans and what you like, but there are some basics that I take on EVERY trip.

To be clear, I only use very high quality, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that have been carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. Each essential oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested using a strict quality protocol.

1. Protective Blend
And if you want to take it a step further – This blend also comes in a softgel combined with black pepper, melissa and oregano oils. When traveling, I’m often exposed to large groups of people (airplanes, subways etc.) so before a flight, I take 1-2 softgels, as they give my body a powerful immune boost without tasting these strong oils. (Hello! My name is Oregano!!!) You can also get the blend in a throat lozenge. The sucking can help alleviate ear pressure during take off and landing. A couple of drops of the blend on the bottom of your feet every day will help maintain your health while on the road. You can also use this blend to clean your hands when there is no soap available.

2. Lemon – I add 1-2 drops of lemon oil to my water (in glass or stainless steel only) as a natural cleanser and digestive aid. Lemon oil can be used aromatically to uplift your mood, and can be used to remove grease and other stubborn, sticky residues off hands and other surfaces. Occasionally I’ll add a drop or two to my vodka, when clean water is not available. ☺

3. Lavender has calming and relaxing qualities – perfect when you need some peaceful sleep (on a crowded night train, in your sleeping bag when other campers are singing and dancing the ‘Hora’ at 4 a.m.) Lavender is also soothing for mild skin irritations, after-sun care, or spending time in the company of mosquitoes, for example.

4. Peppermint is a powerful breath freshener. On a long drive, you can inhale it for an invigorating pick-me-up energy boost, and if your shoulders start feeling tense, use a drop or two topically for relief. If you have sensitive skin – dilute with a carrier oil. One of my favorite uses of peppermint is for cooling off when overheated. On a hot day, you’ll become everyone’s instant friend with this one!

lemonLavender PlantPeppermint Plant

BONUS TIP: The combination of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint is helpful through the changing seasons by protecting against environmental threats, especially during Spring or Fall. It promotes clear breathing and healthy respiratory function. For extra ease of use, you can also get ready-made softgels with this oil combination.

5. Frankincense is often referred to as The King of Oils. If you meditate or practice yoga while traveling, frankincense is also the perfect oil to help focus your intention for the day. When in doubt, use Frankincense, seriously.

6. Oregano is an oil you DO NOT want to taste if you can help it. I would suggest using veggie capsules when taking it internally, though I had to brave it on one occasion and used a few drops of oregano, lemon and frankincense in a shot-glass with water. I’m sure my expression was priceless when I downed that concoction, and a photo of that moment could have been used for entertainment on a bad day. Oregano is an excellent source of antioxidants, helps maintain a healthy immune system and is a powerful cleanser. I use this oil when the going gets tough. When applying topically – dilute oregano with a carrier oil.

7. Melaleuca, aka tea tree oil, is renowned for its cleansing and purifying effect on the skin and therefore is effective for minor skin irritations. I apply melaleuca to my feet and toenails after using communal showers, spas or after walking through sacred temples barefoot.

8. Digestive Blend
On a windy road trip, apply 1-2 drops to ease the feeling of queasiness. Have this oil handy when enjoying heavy meals or trying new foods. If you happen to pass it around the table, so that others may enjoy its soothing benefits, be sure it makes its way back to you. It has been known to lose its way home on occasion. This blend will become your trusty friend for soothing occasional indigestion and reducing bloating and gas. (India, Mexico, too much cheese in France maybe?)

9. Respiratory Blend
This blend helps minimize the effects of seasonal changes on your body. It supports the feeling of clear airways and easy breathing.

10. Repellent Blend
I like to get this blend in a 30ml spray bottle, because mosquitoes love me, and if I only cover my exposed skin, those little f#@ks will find a way to my blood right through my jeans. It’s true! So I spray over my clothing as well. It actually has a pleasant smell.

11. Soothing Blend
I use this for soothing my muscles and joints after a long day of walking, hiking or sitting.

12. Grounding Blend
Because so much can throw you off balance when traveling, this grounding bled promotes a sense of relaxation, tranquility and… balance.

13. Women’s Monthly Blend
This blend provides a soothing and calming effect during your menstrual cycle. It helps balance your mood and is basically the best oil for your worst week, period. A friend of mine (ahm… Salena) gave this blend a new name: ‘Erase the B&#@h Stick!’ Always a good thing considering that when traveling, you are often not alone, and if you are alone and don’t have your monthly blend with you, you might remain alone.

~ Keep in mind that each of these oils or oil blends have myriad of uses. I just listed some of my favorite ones. Feel free to google them and learn more about their properties and uses.

Some additional tools for travel


Now that you know what oils to take:

1. Make sure they are sealed tightly. With the change in air cabin pressure, you don’t want your oils to leak out on all your belongings.

2. Use a squishy padded case for your oils, not a hard case. It’s just more convenient.

16 bottle oil cases

3. Pack them in your carry-on. I’ve traveled with my oils both nationally and internationally without any issues, as they are under the 3oz limit. It would suck if your luggage was lost, or if you needed your oils on the flight and they weren’t available.

4. Make sure they are standing upright when your carry-on is stowed; less chance of leakage, and citrus oils could potentially corrode the caps if they lay on their side or upside-down for long periods of time.

5. Place them at the top of your carry on, so they are easy to reach if needed.

6. They are safe to go through the scanner.

7. I’ve never been asked by TSA personnel about my oils, and sometimes I carry more than 30 bottles in my carry-on! Ok, don’t forget I also use them for teaching and giving essential oil application treatments. However, should you be asked, simply state that they are essential oils and you use them to support your health.

Please contact me to learn more about the essential oils I use and how to use them SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY.
Happy Travels!! (1)

Disclaimer: Essential oils have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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